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Resolution of Support and Organizational Membership


WHEREAS, the death penalty diverts millions of dollars a year of state resources into an arbitrary, unreliable, wasteful and unnecessary capital punishment system, and

WHEREAS, the death penalty does not deter crime; and

WHEREAS, the death penalty is imposed in an arbitrary and discriminatory manner;

WHEREAS, there are a growing number of known cases of wrongful conviction and increasing evidence that there have been wrongful executions; and

WHEREAS, the death penalty prolongs pain for victims’ families, dragging them through an agonizing and lengthy process that holds out the promise of an execution at the beginning but often results in a different sentence in the end; and

WHEREAS, our communities require the best protection and convicted murderers must be severely punished; and

WHEREAS, in the state of Colorado, there are two possible sentences for Capital Murder; life without the possibility of parole and death. We agree that death should not be an option and, therefore, the sentence would be life without the possibility of parole.

THEREFORE, we join the Coloradans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty and others in publicly supporting legislation that abolishes the death penalty in our state. We recognize that the sole mission of the Coalition is to repeal the death penalty in Colorado. We understand that our organization will be listed as a member of the Coalition and agree to inform our members of our participation and invite them to be active in the campaign as part of our efforts and/or those of the Coalition or another member organization. We acknowledge our right to participate, or to not participate, in the meetings and decisions of the Coalition. We recognize that any resource implications involved in joining the Coalition are entirely voluntary.