Host an Event

Request a Speaker for an Event:

CADP can provide an enlightening and entertaining speaker for your church congregation, your business or political association, or your civic group. These speakers include attorneys, death row exonerees, former prison wardens, murder victims’ family members, and others.

To arrange for a speaker to speak about the many problems with the death penalty, e-mail

Host a house party/fundraiser and invite your friends to donate to either CADP or CADP Foundation (tax-deductible). CADP will provide resource information and a speaker.

Host a screening of a film:
Watch a film on the death penalty and hold a discussion in your civic group, class or faith community.
These death penalty videos are currently available:

“At the Death House Door” – The remarkable journey of Carroll Pickett, who served 15 years as the house chaplain at the “Wall” prison in Huntsville, Texas. (2008, TV-MA, 98 minutes)

“Juan Melendez – 6446″ – The story of Juan and the dedicated people who stood by him, finally helping him win his freedom – after 17 years on death row. (Unrated, 49 minutes)

“The Life Penalty – Selecting a Colorado Jury” – How did a rebel public defender from Boulder, Colorado, throw a monkey wrench into America’s “death machine”? Slip into a juror’s seat as David Wymore and other nationally recognized criminal defense attorneys bring their fight against the death penalty to the front line: the courtroom. (2008, unrated, 74 minutes)

“Too Flawed to Fix – The Illinois Death Penalty Experience” – Watch as the “many injustices of the American capital punishment system are examined and exposed in this searing documentary.” (2002, unrated, 53 minutes)

To arrange for a free video DVD about the death penalty, e-mail