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Contact your legislator: Start by contacting your State Legislators. Let your state senator know you support an end the death penalty in Colorado. Write a brief, polite, thoughtful, heartfelt letter stating your support for repeal of the death penalty. Hand written letters are particularly effective. Make sure your point is clear. In a few lines, thank your senator for taking the death penalty seriously, and express your support for ending the death penalty in Colorado. Senators are particularly influenced by their own constituents, people they personally know, other community leaders, and those they have something in common with (membership in the same church, civic club, occupation, etc.). Mention your connection if you have one.

Who is My Elected Official
If you don’t know who your elected officials are Project Vote Smart has a feature on its website where you can type in your zip code (including the 4 digit extension) and get information on your federal and state elected officials and what district you live in.

To identify and contact your elected officials go to : Project Vote Smart site.

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Colorado Legislature
Find out about pending legislation and schedules:

Colorado General Assembly Homepage

Find telephone and e-mail contacts for legislators:

Capitol mailing address:
Colorado State Capitol
200 East Colfax
Denver, CO 80203
Colorado Governor
John Hickenlooper, Governor
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792
Voice: (303) 866-2471
Fax: (303) 866-2003
(For e-mails, please include a Colorado mailing address if you wish to receive a reply. Please do not include any attachments.)